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The Shea Butter Balm is your skin's best friend.

What's in The Shea Butter Balm?

It's 85% Pure Unrefined Shea Butter.

To enhance the soothing and moisturising capabilities, we add: 

Beeswax, Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Lavender Oil, Vanilla extract and some drops of lovely Palmarosa Oil. 

From the start we have been committed to keeping The Shea Butter Balm totally natural, pure and real. For this reason you won't find any parabens, petrolatum, phthalates, SLES/SLS, synthetic fragrances or dyes in our balm. There's zero cyclohexasiloxane, alcohols, caustic soda and we don't add water.

When to use it?

Use it as a general facial moisturiserapply the balm liberally across the face 3-4 times per day. If you are prone to red spotting, apply it especially to the spotting zones. Shea Butter promotes production of collagen and elastin, the two key elements of youthful and healthy skin. The Shea Butter Balm also contains naturally occurring alpha amyrin, a triterpene that is effective anti-inflammatory. 

Use it as your night cream - it is convenient and extremely effective!

Shea Butter is used extensively in West Africa for all purpose skin care. West Africans swear by it as a preventative for all manner of skin problems. The Shea Butter Balm will make your skin glow.

The Shea Butter Balm is extremely effective as after shave care. Shaving is extremely invasive and damaging at a micro level. Each time, after shaving, rub in The Shea Butter Balm for its marvelous soothing benefits!

Customers love The Shea Butter Balm as a hand cream. Keep a tin in close proximity to your daily living routines - keep those active hands supple and rejuvenate them constantly!

Try The Shea Butter Balm as your moisturising, soothing and enriching eye cream.

With regular application, the vitamin A contained in The Shea Butter Balm can slowly diminish stretch marks. The anti-inflammatory properties of The Shea Butter Balm can also reduce the redness associated with new stretch marks.

The Shea Butter Balm is perfect for elbows, heels and other dry zones. The antioxidant-rich emollients both prevent further drying by creating a moisture seal and their reparative effects can greatly improve cracked, rough or calloused skin. 

For any general scars The Shea Butter Balm is loaded with super healthy fatty acids. The Shea Butter Balm's fatty acids will help any scars to appear to meld into the surrounding skin. It will not get rid of the scars, but it will help with their appearance.

Is there anything worse than seeing and hearing Bub distressed because of pain and discomfort? Nappy rash of course occurs with most babies at some stage. Simple changes in diet or nappy change routines can bring it on. The Shea Butter Balm has had rave reviews from parents looking for natural products to soothe their babies.

Sunburn, Windburn and other Burns

Because of its natural soothing properties, The Shea Butter Balm is perfect as a natural burn salve to help the skin to repair and discomfort to melt away.

For skin that has been burned, it’s imperative that it be provided with ingredients that help to ease the inflammation, bring down the heat, and neutralize the free radicals that occur as a result of the rapid temperature increase.  The Shea Butter Balm is rich in skin soothing essential fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants that lend a calming hand when you’re in need. 

Pop a tin in your Family First Aid Kit. Customers swear by our lovely salve. Shaving and other cuts are rapidly soothed by The Shea Butter Balm.


Shea Butter melts at around 30°c. That's a great thing because it basically melts at your body temperature, as you rub it in. In warmer weather, it's probably best not to leave tins in your car or in direct sunlight as our all natural product can melt. If it does, leave it in a cool spot to solidify. The molecular structure of The Shea Butter Balm will not change - still soothing, still moisturising. In cold weather, you'll find the product can be harder to the touch - just rub it in! You can squeeze it between your fingertips to soften it prior to application if you wish.


There have to be some! The Shea Butter Balm is for topical use only. In the extremely unlikely event of irritation, discontinue use and seek medical advice. (also, contact us at contact@thesheacompany.com.au please).

We recommend you use the product within 12 months of opening the tin.